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Consumers trust and depend on the technology industry to power their daily lives, while keeping their data secure. From hardware manufacuturing, to software development, to information security and telecommunications services, we help organizations at every step in the technology supply chain improve operations and reduce risks. Our management system consultants have the expertise to help improve your operations and reduce risk.

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Our consultants have an average of over 25 years of real business experience to address the robust needs of our clients in the technology industry. We combine a thorough understanding of your needs and our specialized experience, to develop customized solutions that achieve real results.

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  • Innovative design of titanium alloy with supreme properties by 3D printing 10/22/2021
    A study led by scientists from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has successfully developed a super-strong, highly ductile and super-light titanium-based alloy using additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing. Their findings open up a new pathway to design alloys with unprecedented structures and properties for various structural applications.
  • Canada hospitals use drones to carry lungs for transplant 10/22/2021
    In the dark of night, a drone takes off from a Toronto hospital rooftop, the hum of its rotors barely audible over the bustling sounds of the cars and pedestrians below in Canada's largest metropolis.
  • 'Digital denim' is a pretty good match for the real thing, experts say 10/21/2021
    Drop by drop, researchers from North Carolina State University printed ink on cotton fabric to make "digital" denim fabric resembling six different styles of jeans. When they asked a team of textile experts, they found that overall, the samples made with the computer and printer were a good match on average for denim made using […]

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