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The safe production of high quality products is vital to the manufacturing industry. From machine shops, to plants, to factories, we help organizations at every step in the manufacturing supply chain improve operations and reduce risks. Our quality, health, safety and environmental management system consultants have the expertise to help you manufacture consumer confidence in your goods.

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Our consultants have an average of over 25 years of real business experience to address the robust needs of our clients in the manufacturing industry. We combine a thorough understanding of your needs and our specialized experience, to develop customized solutions that achieve real results.

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  • Hexagon Machine Simulation Helps Manufacturers 11/25/2020
    For the first time, new simulation software will allow manufacturers to avoid the notorious 5-axis singularity to improve quality. New machine simulation software, released today by Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, addresses long-suffered 5-axis machine instability so manufacturers can achieve quality without sacrificing productivity. Enhancements to the NCSIMUL software, that serves as a digital twin of […]
  • Third Parties Present Significant Risks to Supply Chain 11/23/2020
    Manufacturers must eliminate the third-party risk management blind spots to protect their organizations. By David Pignolet, CEO, SecZetta Most readers of this article have at least one system or, more likely, several systems in place to manage their supply chains. Managing all of these systems has become increasingly more complex given the escalating number of third-party, non-employees (e.g., […]
  • A Quick Guide to Manufacturing Data Governance 11/23/2020
    With manufacturers increasingly relying on production data to make decisions and optimize operations, it’s time to embrace data governance. As a result of the Industry 4.0 transformation, production floors, supply chains, and manufacturing business systems are being increasingly retrofitted with advanced technology, from IoT devices to robotics. This smart infrastructure not only streamlines laborious workflows, […]

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