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Internal Auditing Services

Our Certified Lead Auditors can prevent the need to have a staff of part time internal auditors, which prevents employees from focusing on their core job; therefore reducing their value to your organization. Our Certified Auditors provide the level of expertise, professionalism, and diplomacy needed for effective internal auditing. Your organization will gain highly objective and impartial audits that will add real value to your management system. If your organization prefers internal auditors, The ISO 9001 Group also offers Internal Auditor Training.

Our services will add the following value to your internal auditing process:

• Gain benefits of professional and experienced Certified Lead auditors

• Reduce internal auditing training and logistical costs 

• Allow employees to focus on their core jobs

• Avoid internal political issues that may arise due to internal departments cross-auditing


Why should you conduct internal audits?

1. Meet requirements of management system standards

2. Ensure system is effectively implemented 

3. Identification of opportunities for improvement

4. Reduction of findings from certification or accreditation bodies


The phases that make up our typical internal audit are:

• Documentation review 

• Development of internal audit checklist based upon your management system manual

• Familiarity tour of operations 

• Employee interviews 

• Work site observations 

• Providing assistance to employees at the point of audit 

• Identification of nonconformities

• Provide suggested corrective actions

• Issue of final report

Our Proven Process


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