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Top 5 Advantages of Company Group Training

16 Sep 2020 Posted by Victoria Ontiveros in Blog, Home Page
Introduction Any successful organization recognizes that its employees are critical and invaluable assets to their business. In an article published on the Harvard Business Review, it’s suggested that an employee's skills are worth far more than a company’s tangible assets. Training is one of the...

The ISO Show: ISO 9001 – Why All The Unnecessary Things?

10 Jun 2020 Posted by Victoria Ontiveros in Aerospace, Alloys and Metals, Automotive, Blog, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Food and Beverage, Home Page, Laboratories, Logistics, Manufacturing, Medical, Oil and Gas, Public Agencies, Technology, Videos
A client asked us why ISO 9001, the most popular quality management system standard in the world, requires them to do unnecessary things. It depends on what you consider unnecessary. Typically, organizations that complain about management system requirements, such as API Spec Q1/Q2, ISO 14001...

Growing Green with ISO 14001

22 May 2020 Posted by Victoria Ontiveros in Blog, Home Page
Introduction Organizations in virtually every industry face a variety of environmental risks. How can an organization manage environmental risks, and improve their environmental performance? The ISO 14001 environmental management system (EMS), is one of the world’s most popular environmental management systems. In fact, the United...

ISO Provides Free Standards to Support Global COVID-19 Response

08 Apr 2020 Posted by Victoria Ontiveros in Blog, Home Page
In order to support global COVID-19 response efforts, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is providing free access to several key international standards. These free standards focus on supporting organizations that are directly or indirectly engaged in the fight against novel coronavirus. These international standards...

Risky Business: Let’s Put It In Context

27 Mar 2020 Posted by Victoria Ontiveros in Blog, Home Page
Introduction Anticipating and preparing for the impacts of organizational risks can be difficult, especially with quickly changing business environments. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced organizations in both the public and private sector, including schools, hospitals and even restaurants, to rush to develop creative responses...

New Service Announcement: Supplier Evaluations

27 Mar 2020 Posted by Victoria Ontiveros in Ad
The ISO 9001 Group now offers supplier evaluation services. If you need to evaluate a supplier or vendor prior to adding them to your approved vendor list, our supplier evaluation service will help you ensure they have the capability to meet your requirements.   Our...
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