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The ISO 9001 Group delivers engaging and informative sessions for your event or conference. We have experience speaking to small and large groups of professional adults in an engaging and fun manner that allows them to interact with the speaker, which increases information retention. We can deliver 1 to 3 hour presentations regarding the latest principles, strategies and techniques used in the profession.

We can prepare customized topics based upon the organization’s objectives for the event.  Your attendees will be sure to leave informed, engaged and inspired to apply what they have seen and heard. Request us to speak today by filling out the form to the right of this page.

Some of our speaking topics include:

  • Quality in Action – Provides practical and proven insight to attendees on how they can use tool(s), principles and techniques to drive change or just accomplish daily operational tasks.
  • Risk Management – Provides insight on how quality tools and principles can be used to reduce or mitigate typical business risks and provides a case study of a current real life events in the news and how the tools could /should have been used.
  • Manufacturing – Covers latest quality topics, tools, trends used in the manufacturing sector.
  • Quality Technology \ Software -Highlights various technological advancements or software applications that are used to improve quality management.
  • Back to Basics – Covers basic quality tools, concepts or methods for attendees.  He will provide specific examples of how the tools or concepts worked to address actual problems.
  • Internal Auditing – Provides insight on new developments in the area of internal auditing for attendees.
  • Social Responsibility – Explains how quality plays a role in the organization’s social responsibility efforts.
  • Quality Innovation – Provides attendees with insight on emerging advancements, innovations, tools, techniques or principles. He will provide concise and practical examples.
  • Careers Paths and Opportunities – Provides advise on career paths, certifications, salary survey results, mentoring and transferable skills for those new and established in the quality profession.  He will provide strategies on moving your career forward.  Good session for students interested in quality.
  • Change Management – Provides insight on how quality professionals can utilize change management strategies to implement quality initiatives into their organizations and counter resistance to change.
  • Standards Update – Provides latest insight on ISO quality standards.
  • Supply Chain Management – Provides practical insight and strategies on how to utilize supplier evaluations and monitoring to improve operational excellence within your supply chain and procurement department.

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