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ISO 22301 is the business continuity management system (BCMS) standard that provides organizations guidance for protection against disruptions or business failure, caused by threats specific to their business and improve organizational resilience. Our 4 step process has resulted in a 100% Client Certification Rate for our clients, which means that when our clients follow our process and consulting, they obtain ISO 22301 certification 100% of the time.


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Benefits of ISO 22301

• Minimize direct and indirect costs and impacts of business disruptions

• Reduce legal and financial exposure

• Improve organizational resilience

• Improve ability to operate effectively during disruptions

• Provide confidence in your organization’s ability to succeed

• Enhance reputation and credibility

• Proactively control risks and vulnerabilities

• Meet customers’ requirement for certification


ISO 22301 Overview

• Context of the Organization

• Leadership and Commitment

• Business continuity policy and objectives

• Planning

• Support

• Operation

• Business impact analysis and risk assessment

• Business continuity strategies and solutions

• Business continuity plans and procedures

• Response structure

• Warning and communication

• Evaluation of business continuity documentation and capabilities

•  Performance Evaluation

• Internal Audit

• Management Review

• Improvement

• Nonconformity and corrective action


Visit International Organization of Standardization‘s website to learn more about ISO 22301.

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