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Complimentary Business Assessment

At The ISO 9001 Group, our mission is to help organizations improve their business operations. As a value-added service, we offer organizations a complimentary 10-minute (estimated) business assessment with a report.


Our 6 point business assessment provides valuable insight into your business challenges and pain points, which could be preventing your organization from reaching its full potential.


Our complimentary assessment is in high demand and appointments are limited and booked weekly on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Book your complimentary business assessment today, to take advantage of this awesome value-added opportunity.


The assessment includes the following business areas:


1. Sales – Revenue generation.

2. Finance – Profitability and cash flow management.

3. Operations – Daily operations management.

4. Human Resources – Workforce management, training and development.

5. Management Systems – Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental systems.

6. Information Technology – IT infrastructure and security.


How to schedule your complimentary assessment:


1. Complete the form to have one of our Consultants schedule your assessment

2. Receive log-in to our secure and confidential web conference platform


What to expect:


1. The Consultant will ask assessment questions

2. Your answers will be noted and scored

3. The Consultant will schedule a follow up to review the results

4. Complimentary report with recommendations emailed


We look forward to helping your reach its full potential. Contact us to start today.

Book Your Complimentary Assessment