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ISO 9001 Referrals and Testimonies

The ISO 9001 Group continually collects solicited and unsolicited feedback from its clients and associates through email, annual customer satisfaction feedback, social networking accounts and training course evaluations.  All of the following comments are supported by these mediums.  Enjoy!

Here's What Others Are Saying

The ISO 9001 Group helped to fill a vital need for Internal Audit training. The Internal audit training was informative and cost effective.

The ISO 9001 Group made the class enjoyable and had some very good insights for auditing. Our team members learned a lot of tips on how to address people during audits and how to make them feel at ease.

Before our internal auditors took the class they had very little if any auditing experience. After taking the class they were confident in their abilities to conduct an audit.

The ISO 9001 Group has trained about a dozen of our internal auditors. We appreciate the class and the experience of the instructor.


Lowell A. Hoffman
Quality Leader
Pinnacle – a Halliburton Service

We are pleased to recommend THE ISO 9001 GROUP, based upon above average response time and quality of their work. This recommendation is given following three years of experience.


They have tailored programs to meet both our budget and time constraints for consulting and auditing assignments. They have also accommodated last minute changes to the timing of our assignments due to circumstances beyond our control.


We have used a number of their professional staff and their experience and guidance was well received by our staff.


We will continue to use the services of The ISO 9001 GROUP for our future needs and recommend them without reservation.


Gregory O. Allemano

General Manager

iso-9001-consultants-veterans-affairIt is my pleasure to recommend the professional services provided by The ISO 9001 Group. The Senior Management of the Veterans Health Administration Service Area Office West was recently trained by The ISO 9001 Group. The training focused on an understanding of quality management principles, including management’s role in supporting an ISO 9001 system, the benefits of having such a management system, and recognizing the value in investing in a quality management system.


The instructor presented the material in a clear and concise manner and clearly met the objectives.  The ISO 9001 Group was able to tailor the session to our schedule and timeline, which assisted us in meeting an internal suspense to complete this training. The quality principles taught during the training have become part of our strategic plan to improve the overall quality of our internal/external products and to increase customer satisfaction levels.


I would recommend The ISO 9001 Group to any federal agency that needs ISO 9001 certifications at any level, including longer term courses.


Delia Adams, Director of Service Area Office West at

Department of Veteran Affairs

We were in need of growing our Metallurgical Testing Company. Although we had a good client list, we felt we wanted to do business with larger companies. We found that most corporations require or preferred that you have an ISO-9001-2008 Certification.


We were very impressed with ISO 9001 Group from the very beginning. They were able to guide us through the whole process in a timely manner. We have learned quite a lot in the past four years and feel we have grown as a company, not only in our customer base, but also in our knowledge of who we are as a company because of this process.


Our company is running smoother and is more organized because of the ISO 9001 Group and our audits speak for themselves.


We would highly recommend anyone looking to become ISO-9001 Certified to use ISO 9001 Group.


They went above and beyond at a reasonable cost.


Guy Johnson

CDJ Services, Inc.

Vice President / Owner

We wanted to elevate ourselves beyond the “mom and pop” perception. We had to find a way to prove ourselves, to prove we had what it takes.

We had tried another firm previously, and our experience was not very positive. This time around, we really wanted to do our research. We needed a consulting firm that was going to be with us every step of the way. When we did our research and spoke with The ISO 9001 Group, we were convinced that that they were the perfect consulting firm for our purposes.

The way the staff worked was really tremendous and quite positive. The way they broke down the process was really very nice, very modular. In addition, we had regular meetings with our consultant, to assess our progress.

Almost right off the bat, we started getting solicitations from other companies, simply because we had the ISO 9001 certificate. If we did not have it, we would be lumped into that other particular category of companies. We’ve been given an opportunity to explore new business with these companies. We think that will only increase in the future.

Overall, we couldn’t ask for a better service in terms of getting us where we needed to be. I would highly recommend The ISO 9001 Group to anyone considering their services.


Carlos Silva
General Manager
Tilco Machine Works

iso-9001-consultants-copperstaterubberIt was immediately clear to me that we were in desperate need of a Quality System overhaul. The system that was in place at the time was incomplete, difficult to understand and improperly maintained.  Our audits were definitely suffering and the need for improvement was immediate!


We contacted a few companies that took over a week to respond to our inquiries and all quoted between $30k and $50k without even looking at our current system to see what we really needed. They wanted to sell us their cookie cutter program and showed no interested in getting to know our specific industry needs.


The ISO 9001 Group contacted us immediately and discussed our needs. About a week later they sent us an outline of what they believed needed to be done to improve our system, how long it would take and the cost. It was also written in language that we could understand. They impressed us from the very beginning and continued to impress us throughout implementing our system. They stayed on-budget and on-time.


Our company is now running smoother and is more organized. Audits are no longer stressful. Our audit results speak for themselves. I would personally recommend The ISO 9001 Group to anyone without hesitation. They went above and beyond and were reasonably priced.


– Tammy Schwitzer, Quality Manager at


Taem Kanaan, Marketing Director of International Orthodontic Services, shares his thoughts on our ISO 13485 consulting services and ISO 9001:2015 and Internal Auditor training course.

iso-9001-consulting-qtrcoI am pleased to recommend The ISO 9001 Group to anyone who needs guidance moving down the sometimes complicated path to achieving their ISO 9001 certification.


Being a small company, we lacked both the manpower and the know-how on how to successfully achieve our first ISO 9001 certification.  We knew we needed help, and sought the assistance of The ISO 9001 Group.


Our assigned consultant put together a comprehensive plan of action.  The plan included every step required to take us from a haphazardly written quality manual to our fully qualified and certified Quality Management System.


The ISO 9001 Group is the first consulting firm, I’ve ever hired that actually delivered measurable results on time and on budget.  Their results were nothing short of impressive.  We were able to successfully pass our initial ISO 9001 audit, and we did so with No Findings and No Corrective Actions.  We also successfully passed a customer audit with No Findings and No Corrective Actions.


QTRCO and The ISO 9001 Group continue to work together to improve our internal processes and we greatly appreciate the effective and efficient support we’ve received.  We look forward to a continued relationship with The ISO 9001 Group for many years to come.

Shawn Hughes, President at


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  • Schlumberger
  • US Department of Veteran Affairs
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  • Simplot
  • Trelleborg
  • Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies
  • BASF
  • Davis-Standard
  • Waukesha Pearce Industries
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  • International Orthodontic Services
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