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Hospital Accreditation

DNV is the only hospital accrediting body for hospitals in the United States that combines Medicare Conditions of Participation with ISO 9001 quality management systems into their hospital accreditation program.  Establishing a QMS for your hospital is a requirement of DNV Healthcare Accreditation and is the best way to demonstrate your hospital or medical center’s ability to consistently provide medical services to your patients and meet statutory and regulatory requirements, such as Medicare and Medicaid.  ISO 9001 is for all hospitals or medical centers, regardless of type, size, or medical services provided.  Many federal agencies and programs such as, Department of Health and Human Services and Medicare require participants to be accredited by recognized accreditation bodies, such as:  The Joint Commission, HFAP, DNV or ACHC.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

Meet DNV Healthcare Accreditation Requirement for ISO 9001

Improve hospital operations, efficiency and reduction in risks

Do things right the first time

Become an Accredited Hospital

Promote Teamwork among staff

Improve patient satisfaction and service


How We Can Help

The ISO 9001 Group understands how to design, develop and implement ISO 9001 certification ready quality management systems from the bottom up to meet DNV Hospital Accreditation standards.  If your hospital has an existing management system, we will help you integrate ISO 9001 into your current system(s).


We guarantee your hospital’s ISO 9001 quality management system will achieve certification by DNV as part of your hospital’s accreditation.  Our trained and experienced management system consultants will assist your hospital or medical center in designing, developing, and implementing your ISO 9001 quality management system.

Key DNV Healthcare & ISO 9001 Highlights

• For all types of health services (hospitals, medical centers, home health care, etc.)

• All size hospitals (small, medium and large)

• Recognized by Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS)

• Define  and Understand Processes

• Control Documents and Records

• Patient Focus

• Team Focus

• Establishment of Quality Objectives

• Clear Responsibility and Authority

• Improved Internal and External Communications

• Management Reviews

• Personnel Training and Competency

• Service Planning and Realization

• Service Design and Development

• Medical Supplier Evaluations

• Purchasing Controls

• Controlling Outsourced Processes

• Control of Monitoring and Measurement Equipment

• Monitoring Patient Satisfaction

• Internal Audit Planning and Program

• Controlling Nonconforming Medical Services

• Continual Improvement

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