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Effective standard operating procedures (SOPs) provide organizations with the foundation for growth. Organizations must clearly define and document the inputs and outputs of their core business processes to capture legacy information and ensure standardization. Our business consultants work with organizations to assess and improve their current standard operating procedures (SOPs) for core business processes, such as Marketing, Sales, Planning, Production and Servicing, Purchasing, Human Resources, Accounts Receivable and many others.

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Why should you assess your current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?

1. Identify critical business processes that need SOPs

2. Identify deficiencies in current SOPs

3. Determine if current SOPs are aligned with your systems, processes and people

4. Determine if current SOPs support strategic plans

5. Determine if SOPs reflect current operations

The phases that make up a typical Standard Operating Procedure Assessment are:

• Develop a flowchart of existing core business processes

• Determine if SOPs exist for identified processes

• Review and analyze existing SOPs

• Identify deficiencies in existing SOPs

• Identify SOPs that need to be written

• Provide recommendations for improvement

Establish a clear path to effective SOPs with a Standard Operating Procedure Assessment

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