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Process Design and Improvement

Poorly designed processes can cause inefficiencies that will negatively impact an organization’s cash flow and overall operations. Organizations must clearly understand inputs and outputs of their processes to drive efficient operations and financial growth. Our process design and improvement consultants work with organizations to design, streamline and improve core business processes such as Marketing, Sales, Planning, Production and Servicing, Purchasing, Human Resources, Accounts Receivable and many others.

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Value of Process Design and Improvement

• Improve profitability and cashflow

• Streamline and standardize organizational processes

• Uncover the root cause(s) of current process issues

• Establish a platform for organizational growth

• Increase efficiency and effectiveness

• Improve productivity and collaboration

• Identify opportunities for process improvements

Our process improvement phases include:

1. Conduct “As-Is” process assessment

2. Flowchart “As-Is” Processes

3. Analyze current process design

4. Identify opportunities for process improvement

5. Provide recommendations

6. Redesign “To-Be” Processes

7. Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Our Proven Process

Process Design and Improvement

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