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Management System Maintenance

Many of our small to mid size clients retain our management system outsourcing services on an ongoing basis to protect the significant investment made in their management system, reduce their overhead, eliminate the need for full-time staff and associated expenses.  Our management system outsourcing service allows them to focus on growing their business and achieving the desired return of their management system investment.

How our management system maintenance service works:

• Your company will be assigned a dedicated and experienced management system professional.

• We will work with you to understand your organization’s operation and its management system goals and objectives.

• We will provide support to your current staff or fully administer all aspects of your management system on your behalf.

• We’ll become a seamless part of your team.


Why outsource your management system maintenance?

• Reduction in labor and associated overhead costs, 

• No additional staff, 

• Reduce training costs by using our trained and experienced professionals, and 

• Improve turnaround time of projects and tasks due to our proven processes


We will perform management system tasks, such as: 

• Ongoing consultation and support

• Policy maintenance

•  Job description creation

• Organizational chart creation and maintenance

• Internal process and quality issues

• Customer satisfaction monitoring

• Nonconformity monitoring

• Root cause analysis of nonconformities

• Corrective and preventive actions

• Supplier evaluations and supplier quality issues

• Controlled documents and records management

• Updates to documentation

• Writing new procedures

• Mapping of core processes

• Business process improvement

• Updates when management system standards change (ISO 9001, API Spec Q1, etc.)

• Internal audits (2 audits per year)

• Perform management review ( 2 per year every 6 months)

• Employee training (as necessary)

• Be onsite during certification audit(s) (if certified)

• Attend meetings regarding management system (as requested)

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