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Management System Consultants forAlloys and Metals Industry

Alloys and metals are the foundation to high quality products, down to the raw materials and minerals. From production, to distribution, to forging and welding, we help organizations at every step in the alloys and metals supply chain improve operations and reduce risks.  Our management system consultants have the expertise to help your organization comply with stringent codes, standards and regulations.

We Know Your Industry

Our consultants have an average of over 25 years of real business experience to address the robust needs of our clients in the alloys and metals industry. We combine a thorough understanding of your needs and our specialized experience, to develop customized solutions that achieve real results.


RSS Industry News

  • Robot snail advances with novel soft material 03/15/2023
    A robotic snail powered by the breakthrough self-healing, electrically conductive composite material. Photo: Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering.Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a soft material with metal-like conductivity and self-healing properties that is the first to maintain enough electrical adhesion to support digital electronics and motors. This advance, reported in a paper […]
  • Colorful future for new plasmonic paint 03/13/2023
    Debashis Chanda drew inspiration from butterflies to create the innovative new plasmonic paint, shown here applied to metal butterfly wings. Photo: University of Central Florida.Debashis Chanda, a professor in the University of Central Florida’s NanoScience Technology Center, has drawn inspiration from butterflies to create the first environmentally friendly, large-scale, multicolor alternative to pigment-based colorants. These […]
  • Hydride material ushers in new superconducting era 03/13/2023
    An approximately 1mm-diameter sample of lutetium hydride. This composite image is the result of focus stacking and color-enhancing several images. Image: University of Rochester photo/J. Adam Fenster.In a historic achievement, a team of researchers at the University of Rochester has created a superconducting material that operates at both a temperature and pressure low enough for […]

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