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Terms and Conditions


Anti Discrimination Policy.  The ISO 9001 Group does not discriminate against individuals based upon race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, genetic information and any other protected class status under applicable federal, state and local laws.

Training Courses

Training Mission Statement. The training mission of The ISO 9001 Group’s IACET training program is to provide accredited training to learners in a learning environment that provides clearly defined learning outcomes that are measurable. In this effort, The ISO 9001 Group is committed to the design, development, administration, delivery and continual improvement of training content and personnel that meets IACET requirements. The ISO 9001 Group’s Management is committed to compliance with IACET requirements. Our mission is enhanced by establishing training program objectives that are measurable and have targets for continual improvement. Personnel that impact training programs are required to familiarize and comply with training policies and procedures. The training mission statement is communicated to impacted personnel to enhance their understanding of how they impact the company’s IACET training program.

Training Accreditation.  The ISO 9001 Group’s training courses and CEUs have been designed to meet the IACET Accreditation Program. See ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training. Learn more about IACET.

Refunds Policy.  Full refunds for public training courses will be applied for cancellations made up to (5) business days prior to course. After (5) business days, the ticket will be forfeited. No refund will be issued for courses not attended. The ISO 9001 Group reserves the right to cancel a course if minimum registrations are not met.  In which case, all course fees will be fully refunded.

Registration and Verification.  Certificates with CEUs shall only be issued to registered attendees upon verification of identification to be the same as registered.

Attendance Requirements.  Course attendees must physically attend the established contact time hours for each course to be awarded certificate of completion with CEU.

Proprietary Interest Disclosure.  It is the policy of The ISO 9001 Group (ISG) and its instructors to disclose proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service, technology or material discussed during training events, and to disclose the source of any third-party compensation related to the presentation. The ISO 9001 Group is the owner of  Conformance Manager, a SaaS application, which may be utilized as part of various training courses.

Suggested Items to Bring. The suggested items to bring to the training course are listed on each training page. In addition to the listed items, attendees may consider bringing the following: laptop, relevant company procedures, form templates, completed forms, business cards for networking and an open mind.

Support Services Provided. The ISO 9001 Group provides support services such as: secured WiFi access, temperature controlled environment, security and surveillance cameras, ADA compliant facilities, elevators, restrooms, food and beverage, training tables and chairs, flat screen monitor for viewing, training material, note paper and writing utensils.

Certificates of Completion.  Certificates of completion will be provided to attendees that meet course requirements.  For public courses certificates are issued on the last day of the course.  For onsite courses certificates are issued upon final payment being received.

CEU Calculation.  Contact time (hours) \ 10.

Competency Testing Requirements. To receive the awarded certificate of completion with CEU credit, attendees must pass the competency test for the course (at least 70%) to demonstrate learning outcomes have been achieved.

Record Requests.  Replacement certificates or course records are available upon request for an administrative cost of $50 per record.  Requests must be received in writing and will be provided upon verification of the identification of the individual requesting the record.

Training Records Retention.  Training records, including certificates of completion are maintained for a minimum of 7 years.

Free Consultation. Training courses include 30 days of free consultation provided via phone or email.

Payments. Payments must be made upon receipt of the payment, or latest (5) days after receipt.

System Requirements and Technical Support

The ISO 9001 Group does not provide technical support.  Technical support is provided by GoToMeeting.  Here is a link to the GoToMeeting customer support.  We have provided direct links to common issues.

Web cameras and Microphones

In order to recreate our live training experience, attendees are required to show their webcam and keep their microphone un-muted throughout the duration of the course.  The instructor may request webcams to be disabled if they are negatively impacting the internet bandwidth and causing course disruptions.

Noise & Interruptions

Please ensure you are attending the online course in a quiet location without background noise, as it will interrupt the course for the other attendees.  Please place your phones on vibrate, close other applications on your computer that may make noise.  To avoid course interruption, the instructor may elect to mute an individual attendee or mute-all attendees.  Continued disruptions may result in the attendee being removed from the online session.

Course Dismissals

Attendees may be dismissed without refund for causing distraction, interruptions or not following course requirements. For example: if determined competitor, disorderly behavior, webcam not enabled or having disruptive background noise.

Course Administration

Online training will be conducted simultaneously during the public course.  You will have 5 minute breaks and lunch breaks, as applicable.  Meals are not provided for simulcast training. You will be able to ask the instructor questions via chat or by speaking into your phone or microphone. You will required show your webcam throughout the duration of the course. There may be some training exercises that will be limited to public attendees.

Email Marketing

Permission to Contact.  Completion of web forms on The ISO 9001 Group site constitutes permission for further email communication, including general correspondence, tips, quotes, newsletter and other email marketing.


Privacy and Information Security

Privacy.  The ISO 9001 Group does not share clients’ or course attendees’ information provided with parties not associated with The ISO 9001 Group services or product provided to clients.

Information Security.  Data and records collected and maintained by The ISO 9001 Group are stored on a secured network, which is backed up at all times.