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Producing accurate, reliable and trustworthy test results is vital to ensuring consumer confidence in the safety of products and services. From testing to calibration, we help laboratories of any size improve operations and reduce risks. Our quality, health, safety and environmental management system consultants have the expertise to build trust in your testing competency and results.

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Our consultants have an average of over 25 years of real business experience to address the robust needs of our clients in the laboratory industry. We combine a thorough understanding of your needs and our specialized experience, to develop customized solutions that achieve real results.

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  • ELDICO Scientific opens the world's first experience centre for electron diffraction in Basel 06/24/2022
    The world's first electron diffractometer offers measurement results of unprecedented quality for the pharmaceutical, electromobility and new materials sectors. The Experience Center for Electron Diffraction has now started operations in Basel-Allschwil. The Swiss company ELDICO Scientific operates the world's first electron diffractometer there...
  • Ellutia introduces fully automated total nitrosamine testing for pharmaceuticals at Analytica 2022 06/24/2022
    The Ellutia 800 Series Thermal Energy  Analyser (TEA) has become the industry standard for nitrosamine detection thanks to its selectivity and sensitivity for nitroso compounds. For testing of pharmaceutical drugs, the 800 Series TEA can be interfaced to a chemical stripping system that allows for rapid testing of apparent total nitrosamine content (ATNC). This quickly […]
  • The Sample Storage Tube with the Best Volume to Height Ratio 06/24/2022
    The Micronic 0.80ml Tube with External Thread provides research labs the best volume to height ratio compared to similar sample storage tubes in the market. With its mere 38.3mm height the 0.80ml tube offers 0.75ml working volume at ambient temperature. The temperature storage range of the 0.80ml biobanking tube varies from vapor phase LN2 up […]

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