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Non-conformities happen in all organizations, but having a solution is what’s important. The ISO 9001 Group will assist with investigating the nonconformity and providing a preventive and corrective action. When a nonconformity takes place, the following should be done:


•  Document –  All non-conformities that take place should be documented and saved as a record.


•  Inform the proper internal authority – The internal authority will determine the severity of the nonconformity.


•   Root Cause Analysis– Figure out what caused the nonconformity.


•   Corrective and Preventive Action – An action to correct or prevent nonconformities.


We Provide Root Cause Analysis and CAPA Support


1.   Submit NCR Online – Submit your NCR using our online NCR form


2.   Root Cause Analysis – A consultant will contact you to conduct an investigation, root cause analysis and identify possible corrective action.


3.   Implementation – The proposed CAPA will be submitted for implementation.

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