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Five Why Technique & Corrective Actions Training Course

Course Objective

This 1 Day Five Why Technique and Corrective Actions training course teaches learners how to use the proven and effective the Five Why Technique to identify and analyze root causes(s) of nonconformities that occur within their organization. Learners will also learn how to identify and develop effective correction and corrective actions to prevent the probability of nonconformity recurrence.

Who Should Attend

– Managers, Supervisors

– Coordinators, Auditors

– Investigators

The ISO 9001 Group Public Training (3)


– 1/31

– 2/12

– 3/18

– 4/1

– 5/27

– 6/17

– 7/22

– 8/12

– 9/9

– 10/7

– 11/17

Course Times

9am – 4:30pm

Learning Outcomes

Module 1

– Explain how to define and identify nonconformities

– Illustrate how to complete the nonconformity report

– Explain how to determine systematic impacts of nonconformities

– Explain how to assess risks after nonconformities

– Explain the steps of the Five Why Technique

– Illustrate how to use the Five Why Technique to determine nonconformity root cause(s)

Module 2

– Define correction and corrective actions

– Illustrate how to develop sound correction and corrective actions

– Explain how to implement corrective actions

– Explain how to manage changes related to corrective actions

Module 3

– Explain how to follow up on effectiveness of corrective actions

– Competency Test

Attendance Options


Public Training

Attend training in-person.



Login to live training.


Onsite Training

Request specific date(s) for onsite training at your facility.



Materials Included

– Course Slides

– NCR Report Example

– NCR Scenarios

– Root Cause Analysis Examples

– Competency Test

Items to Bring

– Several NCRs

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Public: $750
Simulcast: $675

Training Testimonials

Key Features

IACET Accredited \ CEUs

Meals Provided

Real life experiences

30 days of free consultation


Case studies

Peer-to-peer learning

Competency testing

Course materials and resources

Certificate of completion

Course Location

5629 FM 1960 West, Suite 200

Houston, Texas 77069


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