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Procedural Compliance Auditing Services

Verifying employees’ compliance to your company’s policies, processes and procedures is crucial to the success of the daily operations of any organization.  Our Consultants can conduct procedural compliance audits using your organization’s requirements and procedures to drive compliance and continual improvement.

Contact us to verify everyone in your organization is working in compliance to your company’s policies, processes and procedures with our procedural compliance auditing service.

Why should you conduct procedural compliance audits?

1. Ensure employee compliance to policies, processes and procedures

2. Prevent negative impacts on profitability and cashflow

3. Establish a platform for organizational growth

4. Avoid losing customers, and increase returning customers

5. Reduce employee turnover

6. Identify opportunities for process improvements

The phases that make up our procedural compliance auditing service are:

• Review company policies, processes and procedures

• Develop a process audit checklist

• Familiarity tour of operations

• Employee interviews

• Worksite observations

• Providing assistance to employees at the point of audit

• Identification of nonconformities

• Provide suggested corrective actions

• Issue final reports

Our Proven Process

The ISO 9001 Group Procedural Compliance Auditing Process

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