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Thank you for your interest in our company group training services. Company group training is a great way to reduce costs (hotel, meals, car rentals), and receive customized training that incorporates your documents. To request specific date(s) for onsite or remote training, please complete the form below.  Upon receipt, we will process your request and submit a proposal. For questions or assistance, please contact us at (832) 326-9796 or

Client Testimonials

“Pelco was quite satisfied with the training services provided by The ISO 9001 Group. The participants provided positive feedback on the training provided. The course was very helpful and informative. The ISO 9001 Group provided great examples and open conversations on how to implement this information in real life.”

– Shailesha Shetty, Manager – QMS & Manufacturing Excellence

Pelco by Schneider Electric

“The ISO 9001 Group was very professional and well organized. The course was very good, and provided a better understanding of the new standard. The instructor provided many real-life examples to help with audit preparation. Not only does this course prepare you to be an auditor, but it also helps you find ways to improve your organization.”

 – Bernard Semcherey, PD/QA Manager

BASF Chemical