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Top Management Commitment

19 Feb 2015 Posted by Oscar Combs in Risk Watch
In this week's management system moment we will discuss the role of top management in the organization's management system.   Top management in any organization sets the company's culture either through their actions or inaction. Here's a saying that you may want to commit to...

The Preventive Action Crystal Ball

19 Nov 2014 Posted by Oscar Combs in Risk Watch
Anyone involved with any type of management system has run across the term, preventive action. This term leaves many professionals scratching their head, as to what a preventive action actually is?I must admit, the term and its concept can be quite confusing and abstract. Webster's...

Integrated Management System

19 Nov 2014 Posted by Oscar Combs in Blog, Risk Watch
In this article, we will discuss integrating your quality, health, safety and environmental management systems. Many companies create quality, health, safety and environmental procedures for employees to follow that are based upon international standards.   For quality, companies often use ISO 9001, for health and...

Top 10 Benefits of a Quality Management System

19 Nov 2014 Posted by Oscar Combs in Blog, Home Page
A Quality Management System (QMS) isn't just for manufacturing organizations. There are many business benefits that any type of organization can experience due to having a QMS. Quality is needed in all types of organizations, from manufacturing to service and even education. Here are the...

Manage Risk Systematically

17 Nov 2014 Posted by Oscar Combs in Risk Watch
With company's being asked to produce more with less resources, managing risks within any organization is more critical than ever.  Rather your industry is oil & gas, manufacturing, construction, laboratories or education, business risks are becoming greater for both large and small businesses.  Many businesses...

Supercharge Your QMS with API Spec Q1 & Q2

17 Nov 2014 Posted by Oscar Combs in Risk Watch
Need to supercharge your quality program or management system? The American Petroleum Institute (API), has the petro for your QMS. API has developed several specifications that are sure to supercharge your quality management system and take it to the next level.  API is the sole...

API Spec Q2 Provides Excellent Service

11 Nov 2014 Posted by Oscar Combs in Risk Watch

For many years standardization bodies have ignored service organizations. For the past 20 years or so, the primary focus has been on providing guidance to manufacturing companies. For instance the language of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Requirements uses the word “product” and includes such requirements on equipment calibration and design and development of products.

ISO 9001 – A Business Management Tool

10 Nov 2014 Posted by Oscar Combs in Risk Watch
ISO 9001 is much more than a standard, it should be part of a business' strategic plan and not simply thought of as a quality management standard for product or service conformance or as a standard to achieve ISO 9001 certification.  Many organizations simply look...