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Conformance Manager™ Demo: Cloud-Based Quality Management System

Posted by Oscar Combs in Blog, Home Page 27 Mar 2018

Conformance Manager™ Demo: Cloud-Based Quality Management System


Administering your quality management system and all of the associated data is very challenging. A management system has many interrelated components, which must work together, to ensure that your system is effective and properly maintained. Often many organizations have many word and excel documents that cause duplication, document control issues and are not integrated.


Conformance Manager™ is a secure web-based software solution, which provides confidence that your management system is always in conformance with the latest management system standards, such as: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, API Spec Q1\Q2, AS 9100, IATF 16949 and many more. Conformance Manager™, provides secure access to your management system from any web-enabled device and eliminates tedious Excel and Word document, which are not integrated and cause duplication in effort. Modules in Conformance Manager™ are fully integrated, saving on data entry, improved data analysis and reporting across modules. The ISO 9001 Group is excited to demo Conformance Manager™ for you and your organization:


• Learn the benefits of using Conformance Manager™ to administer your management system

• Learn how Conformance Manager™ can save you time and tedious work

• Learn how Conformance Manager™ is designed to meet the latest requirements, such as risk based thinking


Contact The ISO 9001 Group to learn more about Conformance Manager™ and set up a personal demo for your organization!

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