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The ISO Show: ISO 9001 – Why All The Unnecessary Things?

Posted by Oscar Combs in Aerospace, Alloys and Metals, Automotive, Blog, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Food and Beverage, Home Page, Laboratories, Logistics, Manufacturing, Medical, Oil and Gas, Public Agencies, Technology, Videos 10 Jun 2020

A client asked us why ISO 9001, the most popular quality management system standard in the world, requires them to do unnecessary things. It depends on what you consider unnecessary. Typically, organizations that complain about management system requirements, such as API Spec Q1/Q2, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, lack one important characteristic: discipline. In this episode of The ISO Show, Oscar Combs, Sr. Consultant of The ISO 9001 Group, provides examples of management system requirements often considered unnecessary and explains why they are necessary for your business.

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