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Root-Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis: The Five Why Technique

Risk Based Thinking

Developing Corrective Actions

Developing Sound Corrective and Preventive Actions

Conducting Effective Management Reviews

Conducting Effective Management Reviews

How to Plan Internal Audits

Writing Nonconformity Reports & Corrective Actions Requests

Internal Auditing – Interviews

Controlling Document Revisions

 Training Preview

Equipment Needed

Device with Internet Connection

Device Speakers / Headphones

Phone for Dial-In or Computer Microphone

 Course Testimonials

” There is a lot of useful information that cleared up my misunderstandings. ” 

Christy Lovelady, Cameron

” The course was very informative and very applicable. Instructor is attentive to individual needs and is knowledgeable and helpful.”

Ronda Miller, Noble

“This course is very informative. I left more confident and knowledgeable. A lot of key points were made during the course. “

John Nguyen, Reliable Machinists Corporation

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