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Moving Beyond Product Nonconformities

Posted by Oscar Combs in Aerospace, Alloys and Metals, Automotive, Blog, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Food and Beverage, Laboratories, Logistics, Manufacturing, Medical, Oil and Gas, Technology 12 Jul 2018

Please enjoy this recording of our complimentary webinar Moving Beyond Product Nonconformities.

Many times product nonconformities, stem from non-product nonconformities.  

For many years organizations have focused on product nonconformities that occur during production or service provision, but have often neglected to focus on non-product nonconformities.  For example, what if Sales enters the order incorrectly?  Purchasing purchases the wrong material?  Typically, these types of nonconformities would simply be classified as causal factors and only identified and addressed when they contribute to product nonconformities. In these cases, the organization simply makes the correction, but doesn’t perform root cause analysis and implement corrective actions.  In this webinar, we will demonstrate how putting a focus on non-product nonconformities can prevent product nonconformities. 


– Learn how ISO 9001:2015 addresses this concept

– Learn how to identify and control non-product nonconformities

– Learn how to control non-product nonconformities to prevent product nonconformities

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