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Five Why Technique - Getting to the Root Cause

Five Why Technique – Getting to the Root Cause

Posted by Victoria Ontiveros in Blog, Home Page 19 Jan 2018

Getting to the root cause of nonconformities, is a major challenge for many organizations. Does your organization repeatedly deal with the same problems or nonconformities over and over? You’ve implemented corrective actions, but here you are dealing with the same issue again, on a different project, order or even employee. The reason could be that you are addressing symptoms and not the real root cause of problems or nonconformities. Stop the cycle of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results. In this video, The ISO 9001 Group explains how to properly apply the Five Why Technique, to get to the systematic root causes of your problems and nonconformities:

• Learn how to properly identify problems or nonconformities

• Learn how to drill down to the systematic root cause(s) using the Five Why Technique

• Learn how to select the proper root cause(s), to apply corrective actions for

The ISO 9001 Groups looks forward to helping your organization manage its risks and improve operations, through your management system.

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