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API Spec 11E Monogram – Specification for Pumping Units

API Spec 11E defines the requirements for the design, selection and manufacture of beam pumping units.  The ISO 9001 Group’s experienced team of consultants and engineers have experience in assisting clients in successfully achieving the API Spec 11E product monogram.

Benefits of the API Spec 11E Monogram

  • Win more bids where API Spec 11E product is a requirement or a competitive advantage
  • Meet customers’ requirement for API Spec 11E monogrammed product
  • Improved structure, processes and procedures internally
  • Better internal controls, which will improve operations and reduce risks
  • Obtain API Spec 11E monogramming license

API Spec 11E Overview

  • Product, Functional and Technical Requirements
  • Beam Pump Structure Requirements
  • Design Loads and Stress for Structural Members
  • Design Loads for Walking Beam
  • Speed Reducer Requirements
  • Supplier/ Manufacture Requirements
  • Storage and Maintenance

How We Can Help

The ISO 9001 Group understands how to assist companies become compliant with API Spec 11E and obtain their API Spec 11E monogramming license. If your organization already has an API Spec Q1 quality management system, we will help you integrate API Spec 11E.  Need an API Spec Q1 quality management system?

We have a 5 x 4 methodology that ensures that your management system meets the specific needs of your organization and ensures compliance or certification of your management system.


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