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Standard Operating Procedures Design and Writing Services

Most organizations understand the need and want clear standard operating procedures (SOPs) for their organizations’ processes, but struggle with how to structure, define and actually write them. Our consultants are experts in helping organizations design and document standard operating procedures for their processes. We can assist with all of your procedures or specific ones.

Benefits of standard operating procedures:

  • Establish procedures for core and support processes
  • Provide foundation for growth and change management
  • Establish procedures across departments and sites
  • Reduce learning curves for new employees
  • Capture important legacy knowledge
  • Ability to diagnose problems

Our 5 STEP process

  • Process Flowchart – High-level flow chart to identify core and support processes
  • Identify Processes – List and consolidate processes
  • SME Interview – Capture actual steps
  • Technical Writing – Write detailed procedures that are clear and focused
  • Review and Approve – Internal review, edit and submittal for approval

Procedures are written in 2 styles as applicable


Traditional – Standard paragraph format with an emphasis on explanation and detailed steps. Click to view example.


Deployment – Focus on visually establishing clear responsibility for each step. More action oriented. Click to view example.


Procedures will be delivered in Microsoft Word format. We will use your organization’s template or help you design a template that includes necessary document control features.


Contact us today to see how we can help your organization get everyone on the same page with clear standard operating procedures.

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