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Quality & HSE Plans

A Project Quality Plan is a set of activities planned at the beginning of a project that helps achieve quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) requirements during the project phases. The purpose of the project plan is to define the activities related to QHSE and the control that are intended to meet regulatory and client requirements during the project.

The ISO 9001 Group can assist your organization in developing project QHSE plans ensuring critical elements of a project plan are included. Some organizations simply use us to develop a template project quality plan, which can be customized for each project or have us develop a customized plan for larger projects.

Below are some common features included in our project plans:

  • Management Responsibility  Describes the quality responsibilities of all stakeholders.
  • Documented Quality Management System  This refers to the existing quality procedures that have been standardized and used within the organization. 
  • Design Control  This specifies the procedures for design review, sign-off, design changes and design waivers of requirements. 
  • Document Control  This defines the process to control project documents at each project phase. 
  • Emergency Response Plan –  Controls that will be executed in the event of an emergency, such as an injury, inclement weather event, etc.
  • Safety Meetings and Training   Controls in place to ensure safety meeting and training for employees are conducted.
  • Environmental Controls –  Controls put in place to lessen the impact on the environment, such as spill prevention and countermeasure plans.
  • Purchasing  This defines quality control and quality requirements for sub-contracting any part / whole part of the project. 
  • Inspection Testing This details the plans for acceptance testing and integration testing. 
  • Nonconformance  This defines the procedures to handle any type of nonconformance work. 
  • Corrective Actions This describes the procedures for taking Corrective Actions for the problems encountered during project. 
  • Quality Records  This describes the procedures for maintaining quality records (matrices, variance reports, executed checklists etc) during project execution as well as after the project completion. 
  • Quality Audits  An internal audit should be planned and implemented during each phase of the project. See our internal auditing services. 
  • Training This should specify any training requirements for the project team.

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