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Developing Sound Corrective and Preventive Actions

One of the biggest challenges after performing root cause analysis is developing sound corrective preventive actions.  Corrective and preventive actions are meant to prevent recurrence of actual or potential root cause(s) of nonconformities.  The corrective or preventive action for many organizations is more training or writing a procedure.  These may help, but corrective actions should address nonconformities from a systematic perspective.  This course will focus on the key steps of developing sound corrective and preventive actions, after root cause analysis has been performed, using the Five Why Technique.

Developing Corrective Actions

What You Will Learn

-The 5 steps of developing sound corrective and preventive actions

-The difference between correction and corrective actions

-How to implement corrective and preventive actions

-How to monitor corrective and preventive actions for effectiveness


Root Cause Analysis: The Five Why Technique

Who Should Attend

– Quality Manager

– HSE Managers

– Internal & Supplier Auditors

– Accident / Incident Investigators

– Risk Managers

Start End Times

10:30am – 11:30pm










Presenter Bio

oscar combs blog on benefits of API Spec Q1 certification

Oscar Combs, a Senior Consultant of The ISO 9001 Group, has over 21 years of experience helping companies manage their risks and improve operations through customized training services. He is certified by Exemplar Global as a Principal Management Consultant and Lead Auditor. Oscar is also a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality and has served as the Programs Committee Chair for ASQ’s Houston Chapter 1405.

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