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API Specification Q1

API Spec Q1 9th Edition was published in June-2013 by The American Petroleum Institute (API) . The API Specification Ninth Edition is a Quality Management System Specification for Manufacturing Organizations to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.  The ninth edition represents a major change and shift in quality management for oil and gas equipment manufacturers. The ninth edition introduces over 85 new clauses and 5 entirely new sections.

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Benefits of API Spec Q1 Certification

• Meet oil and gas industry and customer demands for API certified or licensed products

• Increase revenues and overcome your competitors

• Increased product credibility due to API Q1 certification and monogram license

• Improve operations and reduce risks within your organization


How We Can Help

The ISO 9001 Group understands how to design, develop and implement API Spec Q1 9th Edition certification-ready management systems from the bottom up or help you transition your current API Spec Q1 8th Edition system to meet the latest American Petroleum Institute requirements.


Our proven 4 step process ensures your management system will get certified by API.  Our trained and experienced management system consultants will assist your organization in designing, developing, and implementing your API Q1 management system.

Key API Spec Q1 9th Edition Transition Highlights

• June through November 2013 API will conduct audits to API Q1 8th edition.

• December 2013 through May 2014 API will conduct all audits to the API Spec Q1 9th Edition.  Findings during this time will be categorized as “concerns” with no additional follow-up required.

• March 2014 organizations applying for API Q1 will be issued nonconformities based upon API Q1 9th Edition requirements.

• June 2014 – All API Monogram Licenses and API Q1 registered organizations must conform to API Q1 9th Edition requirements.

• June 2014 – All API Q1 registered organizations must complete a “conformance matrix” and sign a declaration of conformance and submit both to API by June 1, 2014.



Highlight of API Spec Q1 9th Edition

• No longer follows ISO 9001:2008 structure, but meets ISO 9001 requirements

• Term “Control Feature” no longer used

• 27 Required Documented Procedures

• Translation of Documents in other Languages

• More Control over Outsourced Processes

• Risk Assessment and Management

• Contingency Planning

• Determine Supplier Criticality

• Supplier Scope

• First Article Inspection

• Quality and Production Plans

• Customer’s Inspection Hold or Witness Points

• Designated Storage Areas for Material and Product

• Physical Inventory of Warehoused Parts and Material

• Preventive Maintenance Plan for Manufacturing Equipment

• Management of Changes (MOC)

• Records of Customer Satisfaction

• Onsite Supplier Audits of Outsourced Activities

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