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ISO/TC 176 Quality Management Voting Members

Posted by Oscar Combs in Uncategorized 08 Feb 2018

We are very proud to announce that, The ISO 9001 Group is now a voting member of the United States ISO/TC 176 committee. This means that The ISO 9001 Group now has a voice and a vote on such standards as ISO 9001 and many other ISO quality management system standards.


As a TAG ISO/TC 176 committee member, we will be active in all TAG affairs.  These activities include:  participation in subcommittees, working on special assignments and providing advice and guidance concerning the U.S.’s position on the work of the ISO/TC 176 committee.  We will be involved in the review of documents, proposals and working documents, such as the ISO 9001 standard.  We will be involved until such standards are published for public use.  In addition to being involved in the development of standards, we will attend annual meetings to discuss the development of standards assigned to ISO/TC 176.  We will also hold a vote for new members of the committee, development of standards and many other matters of business.


This is one way that The ISO 9001 Group helps its clients work to improve their operations and reduce their risk!

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