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The ISO 9001 Group Provides Lead \ External Auditor Training Course

The ISO 9001 Group Provides Lead \ External Auditor Training Course

Posted by Victoria Ontiveros in Blog, Home Page 28 Jun 2017

The ISO 9001 Group had a great time with everyone who attended our Lead\External Auditor Training Course!


The ISO 9001 Group’s Lead\External Auditor training course provided attendees with an understanding of how to prepare, plan and conduct audits of external organizations and suppliers. The instructor provided a detailed walk through of common requirements of ISO 9001:2015, API Spec Q1 \Q2, etc. and were provided with clear interpretations of requirements. The instructor also led attendees through the audit cycle of audit planning, preparation, auditing, reporting and follow up. Everyone was able to participate in several exercises and mock audits to further reinforce skills and concepts to take back to their organizations.  


Attendees gave The ISO 9001 Group’s training course great reviews:

•”Course covers standards in great detail, which is a big help in transitioning to lead auditor.”

•”[I would tell others] to definitely take the course, and to pay close attention because you can really learn alot.”

•”This is a great course for those that would like a more in depth guide on how to correctly approach and conduct audits.”


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