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ISO 45001:2015 Training Course with Professional Rental Tools

Professional Rental Tools Undergoes ISO 45001:2015 OHS Training

Posted by Oscar Combs in Blog, Home Page 01 Jun 2018

Professional Rental Tools Undergoes ISO 45001:2015 OHS Training


Professional Rental Tools (PRT), based in Broussard, Louisiana selected The ISO 9001 Group to provide ISO 45001:2015 occupational health and safety (OHS) training for its Health and Safety team.  Our Sr. Consultant, Oscar Combs walked the PRT HS Team through the requirements of ISO 45001:2015 and provided clear interpretations for each clause, so that PRT could apply the clauses to their operations. 


The course covered such topics as:

  • OHS Leadership and commitment
  • OHS risk and opportunities
  • Hazard identification and assessment
  • OHS objectives
  • Eliminating hazards and risks
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Incident, nonconformity and corrective actions
  • and many more


Mel Bowman, HSE Coordinator for PRT states, “I would tell the person interested in this class that it is very informative and gives you a better understanding of what the standard calls for. “


If your organization would like to schedule onsite training for your team to learn more about ISO 45001:2015 OHS standard, please feel free to contact us today.


You can register for our public courses here.

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