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Root-Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis: The Five Why Technique

Risk-Based Thinking

Risk Based Thinking

Developing Corrective Actions

Developing Sound Corrective and Preventive Actions

Conducting Effective Management Reviews

Conducting Effective Management Reviews

How to Plan Internal Audits

Writing Nonconformity Reports & Corrective Actions Requests

Internal Auditing – Interviews

Controlling Document Revisions

 Training Preview

Equipment Needed

Device with Internet Connection

Device Speakers / Headphones

Phone for Dial-In or Computer Microphone

 Course Testimonials

” There is a lot of useful information that cleared up my misunderstandings. ” 

Christy Lovelady, Cameron

” The course was very informative and very applicable. Instructor is attentive to individual needs and is knowledgeable and helpful.”

Ronda Miller, Noble

“This course is very informative. I left more confident and knowledgeable. A lot of key points were made during the course. “

John Nguyen, Reliable Machinists Corporation

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