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Banfield Pet Hospital selects Conformance Manager™

Banfield Pet Hospital Selects Conformance Manager™, our Secure Web-Based Software Solution

Posted by Victoria Ontiveros in Blog 11 Oct 2018


We are pleased to announce that Banfield Pet Hospital has selected The ISO 9001 Group’s proprietary web-based software, Conformance Manager™. Banfield initially contacted The ISO 9001 Group, to see how the Document Control, Record Retention and Risk Management / Risk Register features of Conformance Manager™ would work for them. After a free trial of our software, Banfield was pleased and decided to subscribe!


Conformance Manager™ is our secure web-based software, which provides confidence that your management system is always in conformance with the latest management system standards, such as: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, API Spec Q1\Q2, AS 9100, IATF 16949 and many more. Conformance Manager™ eliminates tedious Excel and Word documents, which are not integrated and cause duplication in effort. The modules in Conformance Manager™ are fully integrated, saving on data entry, improved data analysis and reporting across modules. It’s an excellent solution for companies with multiple sites, with a need for central oversight of their system.


Founded in 1955, Banfield is the largest general-veterinary practice in the world. Today, Banfield Pet Hospital has more than 975 hospitals across the United States and Puerto Rico, with more than 3,500 Banfield veterinarians committed to providing high-quality veterinary care for three million pets annually. Click here to learn more about Banfield Pet Hospital. 



Contact us today to learn more about Conformance Manager™, and start your free trial.

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