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4 Reasons to Get Your Quality Management Certification in a Down Market

Posted by Victoria Ontiveros in Blog 29 Sep 2016

Don’t Let a Down Market Stop You From Getting Your Quality Management Certification

There is no doubt that the downturn in the Oil and Gas industry has had a ripple effect on many other related industries – from oilfield services to machine shops and more. And, when that happens, management’s first instinct is self-preservation. That’s understandable. There are layoffs, and cutbacks on expenditures; some less critical, like travel, meetings, etc., and even some that are. It depends on what you consider expenses. Quality Management Certification takes a back burner.


Many managers consider ISO 9001 or API Spec Q1 and Q2 certification to be an expense because it is not directly generating revenue. But consider this: is it really an expense or is it an investment?

1. Competitive Edge

Keep in mind that other companies in your industry are going through the same challenges. If they are slowing down, they may not need as many suppliers. When that happens, they may shorten their list to only certified suppliers. Will you be on that list? What happens when you are Number 4 on the list of Top Three?

2. Differentiate Your Company

When business is good, most of a company’s energy is devoted to fulfilling the current production need. However, when business slows, companies look to diversify into other industries or product lines. If you are looking for new customers, wouldn’t you want your company to stand out from the crowd? Wouldn’t you want to convey to the new market that you are on the cutting edge of quality and efficiency?

3. More Efficient Use of Current Human Resources

Outsourcing your certification process makes even more sense when your staffing is already lean. You can accomplish your implementation with minimal stress.

4. Easier Ramp-Up

And finally, once certified, you have a management system in place that is easily scalable when business picks up. You will grow as a top-tier quality company.


So don’t put it off. You have more to gain than you have to lose.



Frank Lategano has over  30 years of experience providing sales, business development and training to clients throughout the United States and internationally.  Frank has coordinated teams for Strategic Accounts at Welker, Inc., a manufacturer of measurement systems for the oil and gas industry.  During his sales career, Frank has been placed in leadership roles, managing and teaching sales teams how to build relationships with prospects and customers to understand their needs and ensure that 100% customer satisfaction is achieved.  Frank is a Member of the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).   The ISO 9001 Group | 832-326-9796 |

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